About Us


group_photoAestral Private School had its humble beginning in the year 1995. The school provided tutorial programmes for local students who sat for the GCE, ‘O’ Level examinations.

The school is proud to state that the students who attended our initial tutorial programmes attained excellence and have graduated from prestigious universities such as the National University of Singapore. Others have successfully completed their studies in local Polytechnics while yet others have sought places in foreign Universities.

The school was registered with the Ministry of Education in 1996 and started admitting international students who attended Preparatory Courses. Students of the preparatory courses successfully entered government schools after attending extensive and comprehensive tuition.

Aestral Private School is now dedicated to tuition, enrichment, learning journeys and homework help programmes for Singapore-based students and visiting classes from international partner schools.


We the Management Team of the School welcome you to enrol in our school and assess our stand in the Education Industry. We have been in this field since 1996 and have produced a great number of successful students. Our success in designing student based programmes has enabled us to recruit more students for our Primary, Secondary and GCE ‘O’ Level classes. We are dedicated, disciplined and are deeply committed to performing our task to the utmost satisfaction. Our staff is honest, sincere, helpful and caring. They are complying, responsible and work tirelessly towards excellence. We are certainly honoured that you have chosen to visit our website and we are pleased to invite you to enrol in our school.


Our mission is to offer quality education at all levels while building positive attitudes and developing leader characteristics.


Our vision is that every individual is able to achieve academic excellence through our constant motivation, encouragement and guidance.



  • are honest, sincere and helpful.
  • are disciplined, dedicated and deeply committed.
  • regard our customers as our Advisers, Partners and programme developers as it is on their Feed Back that we are able to develop and deliver immaculately designed programmes.
  • cultivate a sincere desire to serve, progress, succeed and excel in our strive to satisfy the needs of our students.
  • offer engaging lessons through small class sizes.


  • To provide interesting enrichment programmes and excellent tutorial programmes in academic subjects taught in Primary and Secondary schools.
  • To prepare foreign students for entry into government schools and to ensure the Singapore syllabus is followed throughout the course to enable them to enter government schools.
  • To provide Spoken and Written English, Mathematics and Enrichment Courses for both local and foreign students to achieve a standard recognized by all in Singapore and by countries where English is the language of communication.
  • To aim to inculcate a level of English that enables the individual to communicate more effectively and to instil linguistic skills in them to cope academically, socially and culturally in any environment.