AEIS Preparatory Tuition for admission to Singapore government schools

For ages 7 – 15 we offer facilitated tuition sessions catering to students preparing for the government Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS). Our experienced tutors provide patient and professional guidance and lessons for children who need to quickly build up their command of English and Mathematics in anticipation of the AEIS examinations. Our classes are ongoing and we accept students throughout the year, with students representing different countries and regions of the world.

Classes are offered within Aestral Private School premises only, and are not available at any other locations.

We help students who are preparing for AEIS examination to attend Primary 2, Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5, Secondary 1, Secondary 2 or Secondary 3.

Our tuition sessions are delivered in a flexible arrangement and we provide guidance and homework help to all students. The AEIS preparatory tuition and facilitated learning is delivered 3-4 hours every day covering both English and Maths.

Indicative bundle fees for AEIS extended tuition are:
Primary School students $650 per month
Secondary School students $924 per month

Places are limited and we encourage you to call now to enquire about enrollment.
Phone number: +65 6567 4119
(Note that Aestral Private School does not issue student visas for AEIS preparatory tuition participants)