Ancient Desktop Warfare

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Master Technologies of Medieval War


Middle Ages for Kids: Mechanics and Siege Engines

Castles used to be the centre of any region’s defense, until the brilliant engineers of antiquity developed siege engines to overcome them. Now your children can enjoy themselves while learning about the history of siege engines, simple engineering techniques and how to use common materials to build their own miniature siege engines and lay waste to their opponents’ army.

Students will learn to create and use historical siege engines (on a miniature scale) in a game that they develop to fire across and beat their opponents. Students will also learn how to work in teams and present their work to an audience.

Learning Outcomes
i. History of Siege Warfare
ii. Simple physics and mechanics – weights, counterweights and torsion
iii. Teamwork
iv. Presentation Skills

Ancient Desktop Warfare: Mr Erik Hertzman

Erik Hertzman is the director of Aestral Private School, an education provider focused on development of primary, secondary and junior college students. His career includes director level positions in NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy where he was acting deputy director of Academic Affairs and driving executive education and consulting services in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Immediately prior, he spent 10 years in the NTUC sphere including director roles in NTUC LearningHub, leading the Institute of Service Excellence and Productivity and Innovation Institute. He holds an MSc in Industrial Management and Engineering from Linkoping University and and Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment from Singapore Workforce Development Agency. He teaches Entrepreneurship, Cultural Intelligence and Academic Writing at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School.

Programme details

Wednesday 8 June – Friday 10 June

9:00am – 12:30pm (total 10.5 hours)


Aestral Private School

273 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4 #02-80

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