Aestral Private School provides first-class learning experiences in academic subjects and enrichment classes. We offer our students access to dedicated teachers in a conducive environment.

The future is bright and full of potential for students of Aestral Private School. After attending our classes they will be full of confidence and ready to face challenges head on. There is no substitute for knowledge, and we see it as our role to share our experience, instill a passion for learning and give our students a great start in life!

Registration is open for our holiday programmes and second term tuition classes.

During their primary education, APS students will develop their knowledge of English in a gradual manner. Certain skills and development areas will be covered throughout the entire time students spend with us, while other areas are emphasized at certain ages in order to either establish foundational knowledge or build on previously acquired skills. Areas that are continuously of importance include the following:

  • Develop a positive disposition by listening and viewing attentively for a sustained period, with empathy and respect, and by indicating response appropriately
  • Develop listening and viewing for understanding by comprehending and interpreting information through the use of a range of listening and viewing skills and learner strategies to process information from spoken, audio and visual texts
  • Develop perception and recognition of sounds and words in context
  • Speak clearly and fluently with accurate pronunciation and appropriate intonation
  • Produce a variety of texts for creative and personal expression and for academic and functional purposes, using an appropriate tone and register.
  • Texts for creative and personal expression are poetry (for exposure only), personal recounts and narratives. Texts for academic and functional purposes are lists, procedures, notes, letters, email and notices, factual recounts, information reports, explanations and exposition
  • Apply knowledge of grammatical rules at the word, phrase and sentence levels
  • Use various learner strategies to deduce the meaning of words, and use the words appropriate for purpose, audience, context and culture

In addition to the areas mentioned above, we place additional focus on specific areas as the student develops. The areas of special importance are described for each level, as follows: