English Primary 1

We place additional focus on specific areas as the student develops. The areas of special importance are described for each level, as follows:

  • Listen to, view and respond to a variety of texts in different contexts, i.e., conversations, personal recounts, poetry, narratives and procedures
  • Word identification, including decoding through phonics
  • Develop Close Reading and Viewing at literal and inferential levels with scaffolding and support from the teacher during Shared Reading of a variety of children’s literature
  • Respond and make personal connections with what is read and/ or viewed
  • Read and view closely reading-age-appropriate selections of literary and informational/ functional texts for children from print and non-print sources.
  • Read, view and respond to reading-age-appropriate texts and readers, i.e., poetry, personal recounts, narratives, procedures and information reports
  • Develop an awareness of the basic features of spoken language
  • Plan and organise simple presentations by identifying purpose, audience and context for appropriate delivery.
  • Plan and organise presentations by conveying facts, ideas and points of view and by integrating selected audio and visual resources, and verbal and/ or non-verbal cues for effective delivery
  • Interact and discuss with, and present and respond to different audiences to communicate meaning while observing appropriate behaviour and social norms
  • Produce and convey in multimodal ways a variety of spoken texts, i.e., conversations, poetry, personal recounts, narratives and procedures for different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures.
  • Develop writing readiness and write in print script. Apply spelling skills and strategies accurately for writing age/ year level-appropriate high frequency words.
  • Learn to write about and represent a shared experience, by generating, developing, organising and revising ideas together with the teacher
  • Focus on enjoyment and learning to write. Construct texts jointly with the teacher and the class.
  • Focus on the experience and enjoyment of language. Begin explicit teaching of metalanguage in meaningful contexts, based on the needs and abilities of pupils
  • Develop vocabulary through exposure to rich texts and extensive reading.

Programme details

Every Monday
3:00pm – 4:30pm
Subject to Package
Aestral Private School
273 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4 #02-80

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