English Primary 4

We place additional focus on specific areas as the student develops. The areas of special importance are described for each level, as follows:

  • Listen to and view critically by evaluating spoken, audio and visual texts
  • Listen to, view and respond to a variety of texts at increasing levels of difficulty in different contexts, including information reports, explanations, factual recounts and expositions
  • Strengthen Close Reading and Viewing with guidance from the teacher, using a range of reading skills and learner strategies to process and comprehend a variety of text types at appropriate levels of text difficulty
  • Respond critically to and demonstrate awareness of the language features and organisational structures of texts, and how language is used to achieve impact
  • Read and view closely and critically a variety of literary and informational/ functional texts from print and non-print sources
  • Read, view and respond to a wider range of reading-age- appropriate and high-interest materials from print and non- print sources, including factual recounts, explanations and expositions
  • Develop greater awareness of the features of spoken language, including awareness of the differences between spoken and written forms of the language
  • Plan and organise more sophisticated presentations by using appropriate register and discourse markers to guide the audience and integrating information from diverse sources. Elaborate on/ Substantiate points and enhance meaning through the use of literary language and wide vocabulary
  • Interact and discuss with, and present and respond to different audiences to communicate meaning while observing appropriate behaviour and social norms
  • Produce and convey in multimodal ways a variety of spoken texts of increasing difficulty and complexity, i.e., factual recounts, information reports, explanations and expositions for different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures
  • Write fluently in cursive script. Apply spelling skills and learner strategies accurately for writing frequently misspelled and multisyllabic words.
  • Apply skills for idea generation, selection, development, organisation and revision so as to address the writer’s purpose, needs of the audience, context and culture in writing and representing.
  • Write with an awareness of the organisational structures and language features of the different types of texts. Focus on creating a variety of multimodal texts.
  • Use grammatical and vocabulary terms to talk about how language works at the text level and during editing and self-correction.
  • Use cohesive devices and grammatical structures to create links across different clauses, sentences and paragraphs. Identify and apply knowledge of language features in different types of texts during speaking, writing and representing. Show understanding of how the purposeful use of language shapes meaning in texts.
  • Develop vocabulary through the use of print and online resources.
  • Recognise the playful use of words in spoken and written language
  • Recognise and use literary language.

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Every Monday & Saturday
Monday, 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Saturday, 12:00pm – 1:30pm
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Aestral Private School
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