English Secondary 4

Throughout the upper secondary school levels, students of Aestral Private School deepen their command of English in both speech and writing.

Working with experienced tutors, our students develop greater awareness of the features of spoken language, including awareness of the differences between spoken and written forms.

Furthermore, our lessons focus on how they can effectively:

  • Produce and convey in multimodal ways the full range of spoken texts, including a mixture of types and forms, for different purposes, audiences, contexts and cultures.
  • Apply spelling skills and learner strategies for writing accurately and consistently in internationally acceptable English (Standard English).
  • Apply increasingly sophisticated and higher-order skills for idea generation, selection, development, organisation and revision so as to achieve intended effects and precision of expression in writing and representing.
  • Apply knowledge of organisational structures and language features to create a variety of increasingly sophisticated types of texts, including multimodal texts which may comprise a mixture of types and forms.
  • Respond critically by evaluating what is read and viewed, making connections to the wider context, and demonstrate awareness of how language is used to achieve impact.
  • Listen to and view critically by applying the full range of listening and viewing skills and strategies, including evaluating the relevance and soundness of arguments.
  • Listen to, view and respond to the full range of texts, including a mixture of types and forms.
  • Develop vocabulary through extensive reading and learn words specific to content areas and subjects. Use and recognise the more sophisticated literary language used by writers to achieve meaning and impact.