Aestral Private School provides first-class learning experiences in academic subjects and enrichment classes. We offer our students access to dedicated teachers in a conducive environment.

The future is bright and full of potential for students of Aestral Private School. After attending our classes they will be full of confidence and ready to face challenges head on. There is no substitute for knowledge, and we see it as our role to share our experience, instill a passion for learning and give our students a great start in life!

Registration is open for our holiday programmes and second term tuition classes.

“I got my results, and I knew it – I did much better than last time!” These are the words all parents want to hear.

We can help your child succeed.

Throughout their primary tuition, APS students will gain knowledge of Mathematics in a fun and inspiring manner. At APS we believe that understanding and appreciation for mathematics can be reared in all children, and we use a balanced approach to achieve it. During APS classes, we build up the ability of children to reason, analyse situations and solve problems while encouraging them to persist and succeed. The topics of our classes assist students to apply skills and concepts that are aligned with the curriculum of Singapore Ministry of Education. As the children progress through our care, they will gain the ability to manage mathematical concepts and approaches necessary to maneuver numerical, dimensional and logical challenges in preparation for their exposure to algebra, calculus, trigonometry and other areas of mathematical specialisation.

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