Online Writing for Young Authors, Bloggers and Entrepreneurs
Duration: ~ 3 x half days
Level: Secondary School

The internet is now an integral part of life. Children and youths go online not just to glean information but also to express their thoughts and feelings by blogging. What was previously written with pen on paper can now be shared with friends and others as a blog entry. Blogging can be used to express ideas, formulate new content and develop better writing skills. This course explores various reasons and corresponding ways to successfully publish content online. Online writing spans genres such as diary entries, event reporting, reviews, feature writing and literary analysis

This course is designed to help students express themselves effectively online and create a lasting impression. It takes students through the fundamentals of the internet, creative writing skills, effective blogging, building a brand with online communities and explores entrepreneurial opportunities. Written assessments help students manage their thought processes with balanced judgment, factual selection, organisation and content analysis. Explanatory texts help students examine and convey complex ideas, concepts and feelings. The course helps students produce clear and coherent writing in which the style and organisation of the text are appropriate to the purpose and audience.

Course Components

  • Why people blog and how blogging matters
  • Standing out from the rest – you are unique!
  • Reaching out to the right online communities
  • Common blog features and formats; working with graphics
  • Creative writing techniques
  • How to write winning headlines
  • Dos and don’ts in blogging
  • Using research in online writing and referencing
  • Blog commenting ways and tips
  • Avoiding spams and scams
  • Building web traffic and a subscriber base
  • Take it a notch higher – become an entrepreneur
  • How to manage your own web business effectively

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will have attained the following:

  1. Acquired new confidence in writing for the internet medium with responsibility and safety in mind.
  2. Improved writing abilities with online impact.
  3. Learned how to use blogposts effectively to interact better with their peers and teachers on eLearning platforms or equivalent.
  4. Able to write compelling blogposts and write routinely over shorter timeframes for various purposes e.g. blogging about a hobby, event or school subject.
  5. Prepared for leadership and career opportunities in the digital space.